What is a Generative

Overview of the
Building Process

ACTION & PRACTICE : A Generative Code for Neighborhoods
1. Startup & Vision
2. Diagnosis of the Land
3. Setting Density
4. Modifying the Code
5. Public spaces
6. Building volumes
7. Building layout
8. Building design
9. Project Management
10. Craft & Construction
Library of all unfoldings
    Developer's charter
Management practices

    Money innovations
    Development process
    Generative codes
    Main Steps
    What is unfolding?
    Example neighborhds
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Workbook Assembly

To compile the workbook, please follow these instructions. For each group of Unfoldings on the menu under ACTION & PRACTICE, you will find corresponding groups of worksheets for the Workbook):
  1. Print the website Unfolding pages -- one at a time -- directly from the website, so they are available for easy use when you are away from your computer. Use the print button in the browser controls at the top of your screen. You are free to select color or black ink.
  2. Print the corresponding worksheets that apply to the section you are ready to work on. These will help you organize each task. Select the section you want to print, and use the print button in the browser controls at the top of your screen.
  3. Assemble the printed pages in a binder.
  4. For each Unfolding, label a page divider with the number and name of the Unfolding. Place the Unfolding pages from the website behind the divider. Next, place the worksheets that correspond to that Unfolding.
  5. As you work with each Unfolding, keep your notes and drawings in the workbook so that they can be easily found and shared with others.


  • The entire website has been designed so that all pages print directly onto A4 paper or 8.5 by 11 paper, without requiring any special provisions. They should come out symmetrically placed on the page.
  • Whenever possible we have placed page breaks to make the pages break neatly. We have not done this where it would require radical change in the design of the page.
  • We recommend that you print in color, if you can afford to do it. Of course, the pictures come out much better.
  • We also believe you will find the worksheets in the workbook more enjoyable to look when they have the colored panels that are visible on the website. (We are currently working out how this can be achieved).
  • You may print the Unfolding pages one by one, as you see fit.
  • If you wish to print out an entire section of Unfoldings, we will make this a possible option, but it is not yet available.
  • To print out the worksheets, go to the worksheet section you are interested in, and print that page. The individual worksheets will come out on separate pages (not working yet).

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