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BASEMAP   First find an aerial photograph of the area where the future neighborhood will be. You can get it from many sources, save it as a jpg in your file for the project. It is the reality of this photograph, with trees, water, roads, buildings, that will make it possible to conceive a place that grows naturally from the details of the land itself.
BASEMAP CORRECTIONS   Now improve the detail of the background map to include details and dimensions that are important, or that will be important to have in exactly the right place during the unfolding. You can draw this on a separate layer, and continue to improve these details, while your overall process goes forward.
DIAGNOSIS   Now look for places, all over the neighborhood area, where beautiful things need to be protected and enhanced, and bad places where improvements need to be made. Draw these in, on this map layer. The places you identify and draw on the maplayer, should be in the following categories:
  • Beautiful views, which give you pleasure standing there.
  • Spots that are inherently lovely, or fun, or pleasant, which should be protected and enhanced.
  • Places where latent centers exist, that have the potential for being made more beautiful.
  • WHOLENESS   Try to make a diagram which captures the most important pattern or wholeness of the place: a structure which comes from that place, is of that place, and embraces the whole extent of the neighborhood.
    MAIN CENTER   Find the main center of the neighborhood: that place in the land, or among the existing built places, which is the most natural and magnetic center, which will have the quality that people in the neighborhood will be drawn to it, and without thinking, will go there all the time.