Fragment of Generative Code for Neighborhoods

Statistics: Set some numbers to provide a concrete framework

As a very rough beginning, just to get started, you need to write down a few specifics, just to grasp the meaning of what you are thinking about. ( If you already filled out the worksheet on the home page, you do not need to do it again. This is the same worksheet, but now it is intended to propel you into the process of unfolding).

The more realistic this verbal sketch is, the better. If you are not currently engaged in a real project of this kind, then we suggest you describe a project that you wish you could do, or that might be worth doing if it were only possible.


Imagine, in your mind's eye, a kind of neighborhood, or small community, where it would be fun to work, live, enjoy yourself. Choose it so that it really appeals to you. Don't worry about money; for now, just assume that the money will be forthcoming.

This is what I see in my mind's eye:


If you have an actual place in mind for this neighborhood, then describe that place. Is it a real piece of land near you? What shape is it? Does it already have an active partial community life? Is it a brown field site (derelict or run-down, needing renewal)? Or is it a green field site with nature, trees, and fields?

If you can't quite think of such a place, then choose an actual place in the world somewhere near you where it might be conceivable (at least in principle) to build a small neighborhood: a tiny one, or a larger one.

It's a real place. This is what it is like:


Give the approximate area of the land.

In acres:less than 1 acre 2-5 acres 5-10 acres
more than 10 acres

In length and width:
It is yards long, and yards wide.


Roughly how many buildings might be there when it is finished? Just make this up, intuitively. Don't try to calculate.
1-10 10-50 more than 50


How many people (roughly) may be working and living there? Again, make it up. This is to give you a realistic intuitive feel for the place, and what it might be like as a community.

less than 30 30-150 a few hundred


How much public open land and gardens will there be when it is finished? Write it as a percentage of the area of the whole neighborhood:

5% 10% 20%30%50%more than 50%


Is your project a real project, an entirely fictitious project, or half and half?

Entirely made up Half and half A real project


If you feel like writing your name, so we know who you are, please write it here.



By answering these questions, a very vague picture has begun to unfold. When you fill out the form, your answers will be emailed to us, and a copy of your form will also go back to you, so you will have a record of what you sent. We will not answer these emails individually. But we shall keep all the answers as a group so that we can analyze and understand what kinds of things our visitors are thinking about. This will allow us to refine the website, and make it more useful. So please do fill it out!

Later, once you have read more material on the site, if you then choose to send us a more detailed picture of a real project you are thinking about, we will then study your material carefully, on an individual basis, and get back to you.

When you have filled out this form, press the submit button