Fragment of Generative Code for Neighborhoods


Seeing the quality and color of light which exists in a particular place, and then conceiving a kind of construction which is harmonious with that light

Originally written for the Eishin campus, 1983 Japan At the very beginning of the project, it is most desirable that the buildings, materials, colors in use, somehow fit the light that is typically "of that place."


Early on, make simple mockups on the site, with real materials, earth, adobe, wood, bricks, bricks of different tones and surface, stucco, wood siding, paint, degree of shadow created by different forms of cornice and window reveals, stone, concrete, composite materials, roof tiles and shingles.

You can put these up in a very rudimentary fashion, but look and them and play with them, until in their color, and light, they relfect the emotional quality of the surroundings, and feel harmonious.

It is very helpful both during the design process and during the building process, to have the vision of the color physically present on the site from a very early stage. You will find it guides many decisions in a subtle and helpful way!