Working References to Explanations and Examples in Nature of Order

Discussion of these transformations can be found throughout The Nature of Order, where they are most often referred to by their older name, "structure-preserving transformations." This name has been given up because it does not correctly suggest the emergence of new structure from wholeness, and seems only to refer to structure that is already there in its entirety. The references in The Nature of Order use the term "structure-preserving" almost exclusively, and the references given below will most often show that term being used for consiatence with the book, even though w-e- transformation is now thought to be more accurate.

Chapter  2
Pages 51-84: Definition of structure-preserving transformations.
Chapter  3
Pages 85-106: Structure-preserving transformations in traditional society.
Chapter  4
Pages 107-136: Structure-destroying transformations in 20th-century society. The discussion contrasts wholeness enhancing with wholeness destroying, through practical examples.
Chapter  5
Pages 173-174: A common sense view
Chapter  6
Pages 175-202: The concept of generated structure
Chapter  7
Pages 203-228: Differentiating processes, and the fundamental process.